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K Hang??

2009-07-22 23:56:42 by eazul3

I just uploaded my first song and something tells me ur gonna ask about the name

K Hang?? What is that??

well actually i though about the name cause when i asked a friend how would I name it he said that, k hang, cause he had to leave for a sec and it came to my mind that i could use that name and so, i used it!


2009-06-20 00:34:03 by eazul3

I just must say I REALLY say thanks to u and to the heavenly father, u know who u are right??

Also I made this post cause I couldn`t send images by chat so I found I could do this :D


f!ck... this REALLY happened to me

Another time making weird things... XD

This is fuck!n weird!

2008-12-22 20:16:40 by eazul3

Check this image and see what the leisure can do on a boy... god dammit...

This is fuck!n weird!

Nintendo are liars!?

2008-07-29 13:46:22 by eazul3

I am not joking. Nintendo was sued two years on a copyright infringement by some texas-based company claiming that Nintendo violated some of their patents for vibration feedback, analog sensors and more controller applicable functions. As result, Nintendo is ordered to pay $21 MILLION after losing the case and a possible ban of Nintendo controllers TODAY.
Now all my love is for sony and Microsoft.


2008-07-05 20:54:32 by eazul3

sorry this post doesn`t exist anymore


2008-07-03 21:31:53 by eazul3

sorry this post doesnt exist anymore.

Do u know Xionico?

2008-07-03 21:26:43 by eazul3

Xionico is a great author, personally I LOVE his flash, it is sooooo good!
So I just post his name here and think you will see his flash (specially Xionic Madness!)


2008-04-29 20:09:24 by eazul3

my scores on Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 are:

In your Eyes - Verax
Chaos Within - Tatsu Takahashi
The Instrumental Song - DTG
Nobody Else - Noise Pollution
All Day Comfort - SWiTCH
The Fade - Setu Firestorm
Mars Bars and Menthos - Yapperface
Asshole! - Evil-Dog

Lick up the Honey - AQUILA
Train Wreck - Noise Pollution
Speedfreak - Eliminator
SWiTCH vs Evil-Dog Round 2
Betrayal of Fate - Goukisan

Plan A - Nick Crockett